the prices listed are the flat rates for each session.

1 outfit change is included in the price, any additional outfits will be 25 dollars; for any additional locations, 50 dollars will be added to your collective total.

there is a 1 week turnaround time - there is no limit to how many photos you receive after your session - you will receive every good photo taken. 

a photo contract will be sent out when a session is booked. there will be a deposit fee based on which type of session is booked



portraits are my favorite because I truly get to catch people in their element. let's hang out for an hour or two and let me photograph you in the most simple yet beautiful way. 


senior photos are some of the most important pictures in your life - they are a reminder and symbol of your hard work and desire to become one step closer to achieving your dreams.


having raw moments with the people you love the most are some of my favorite photos. family photos truly capture some of the sweetest memories. 

for any inquiries regarding weddings, please email me at as soon as possible so we can chat about your special day!


photos that capture true love and happiness make my heart smile! let me take pictures of you and your special person! 

If something you are wanting photographed does not fall under one of these categories, please feel free to email me at so we can dream together!