"How do I get my pictures?"


I deliver my galleries through Pixieset. I will upload every good photo from your session into a gallery that you will have access to. You can go in a download every single photo - no limits! The photos are only available for download via computer, but are able to be viewed on a mobile device.


"How do I pay you?"

I use Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or just take cash or check! I really am very flexible and I will take whatever is easiest and most convenient for you. I do ask that there be payment once the session is over, so that way I can quickly return your photos back to you!

another note:

For locations that require entrance fees, parking fees, etc., I do ask that you respect that the location is your choice and include the extra fees in the price that will be paid. 

"What does the pricing include?"

The pricing set on my website is accounted for 2 outfits, 1 location and every good pictured returned to you. For extra outfit changes, it's $25/outfit and $50/extra location.